Mr Leather 2020

We asked Jon some fun and probing questions…..

Congratulations Jon on being elected as Mr Leather UK 2020. How are you feeling?

I feel very humbled to have been elected to represent and serve our proud community. It's hard to wake up the next day and with a half open eye see hanging up across the room a strip of leather, with the words MR. LEATHER UK written across it and fully appreciate what a great honour it truly is.

On the night I stood on a stage next to both Bob and Ben, two truly inspiring gentlemen, who to my mind embody the very reason we love so much the great community we are all part of.


I have always been inspired by strong leadership, by those confident to do the things they feel passionate about, and live their lives the very best way they can. Those who get stuck in and are not afraid to get their hands dirty, if it is for the greater good. Not just the title holders, but all those that actively help their local clubs, give up their time to create an environment that we can all enjoy and be part of.

I feel very passionate too about bringing us all together, to encourage 'brotherhood' and loyalty

I aim to develop this as best I can across all the clubs and groups within the UK, through doing what I love most .......i.e. being out there, being visible and supportive of all the guys that make this great 'gang' of ours, what it is


I have a mandate, one built on a platform of :




and FUN

....... F.I.L.F.

Why ?, my attitude is very much that when we ever ask ourselves ''Why did we get into this ?, and what were we looking for ? '', it's an easy answer for us all, we looked to make friends, who like the things we like, we want to feel included, most of us were looking for love, whether it be emotional or physical. But most of all we were looking for FUN, to have a good time with.

As with any group, community, family cracks can form, and they have within ours. I hope in my title year to bridge some of these cracks, bring those together who have, for whatever reason, been pulled apart.

I live centrally within the UK, so I have easier access, than some, to all corners of the country, and plan to attend as many socials, pride events, gatherings etc than I possibly can, despite whatever is thrown at us. The message of 'FILF' can only be realised by being VISIBLE and COMMUNICATING it on the ground, as well as through social media.

My aim is to SERVE, to ask our community what it wants from me, in addition to my personal aims


I have always been attracted to strong male image, from skinheads to rubber, and ultimately biker wear and of course leather. I think there is something very attractive about leather in particular, it can shape a personality, even if for just a short period. For me there is a particular 'magic', from it's sexual allure, a commanding presence, a certain strength. For most when they gear up, it brings out the best, and when in a group a sense of inclusivity and brotherhood. We are very lucky to have this, and even though not everyone 'tows the same line' it is a great leveller, just as it should be.


During my title year, I will aim to:

Bring together those from the Leather, Rubber, Pup and wider Fetish groups, to work towards creating a better synergy between all the groups, to share experiences, events etc, a 'FETISHMEN network'

Locally I aim to set up with my good friends from BFM, BLUF city status for Birmingham, through regular events and activities

I plan to attend across the UK 18 pride events in 2020, as well as major events within Europe. Continue to support BFM, as well as other local UK groups by attending events as a 'Leather Ambassador'

Continue active particpation through social media etc, helping groups and clubs to grow and thrive, should they need my particpation

I will continue to lend my support to these charitable causes; The Eddystone Trust (sexual health), The Gay Outdoor Club (outdoor and leisure), Queer Britain (culture)

My promise is to SERVE, to LISTEN, to practice the message of 'FILF' and encourage others to do the same

Thank you