Growing up in a small city in the west of England, Jon knew from an early age the impact a strong image, a look, could have.

Growing up he found himself very involved in the gay skinhead scene, which in the 1990's was a vibrant and very active community in the UK and further afield in Europe.

Becoming aware of the leather scene in the 1980's although inspired and attracted to those men in gear, he admits, it was something that 'the older guys did.....and did very well', years later when he was one of these 'older guys' he realised just what he was missing out on, and a chance meeting with several leather guys, out and proud in their finest gear inspired him to dig deeper, search out the groups and clubs that are the mainstay and safe places for others within the community, making many friends along the way. Jon hopes not only to encourage men new to the leather community, but encourage back, those who for whatever reason, have become disengaged

The factors that have motivated Jon to become involved and active within the leather community are the ones that he aims to promote and encourage most, across not only the leather, but within the broader fetish communities, that of FRIENDSHIP, INCLUSIVITY, LOVE and FUN....or 'F.I.L.F'. Through positive support, visibility and communication.

His election came in March 2020, so many of Jon's original plans to support so many pride events, socials, fetish gatherings and events, that have been subsequently postponed or cancelled. Remaining positive Jon has turned his attention to other 'virtual' activities for now, and hopes to return to his original plans as soon as possible.

He sums up his role as one of service and support, and looks forward to meeting as many of you as he can during his title year.

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